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I was born in Chicago in 1945, grew up in NW indiana, came back to Chicago after college and now live in a suburb. I have been seriously making art since I was 15 years old. After college I worked as a graphic designer for several years, then taught graphic design and typography at Columbia College Chicago in the South Loop; took up typeface design in the 90s, founding my own firm No Bodoni Typography.

There many different works here for several reasons: 1) I have ADD. 2) I have a lot of ideas for various projects, more than I will ever conplete. 3) I continue to design typefaces — My name above is the typeface Tinman, a sans serif version of F.W. Goudy's California Oldstyle, and 4) I write fiction, mostly magical realism though I don't care for that term. Our reality exists mostly in our heads anyway which means it is all a fantasy.

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